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Services & Projects


  1. Treatment Assistance Subsidy( TAS ) ( * for Penang Thalassaemic members only )

The Society sells L1 ( Deferiprone ) tablets at a subsidized rate  for members. In addition, under TAS, eligible Thalassaemics can get subsidies from 50% to 80% of the total cost of the drug treatment. The Society also pays for special blood tests, investigations  and vaccines whenever the need arises.50% subsidy for syringes, butterfly needles, water for injection, tagederm. Thalasets @ RM90.00 p/box ( > 50% subsidy)


  1. Purchase of Items Needed for Subcutaneous Desferal Therapy

To facilitate availability of items needed for Subcutaneous Desferal Therapy, the Society purchases the following items in bulk - syringes, needles, scalp vein sets, distilled water, Emla cream, Tagadem, micropore etc. Members can buy them at cost or subsidized rate.


  1. Blood Donation Campaigns

The Society actively canvasses for blood donation to ensure Thalassaemics in Penang have adequate blood for  transfusions  on a regular basis.  Blood donors are given certificates  as well as a small token of appreciation.

Need public volunteers!

Interested please email penthal88@yahoo.com or call us.


  1. Motivation Camps

The Society organizes motivational camps for Thalassaemics , affected families and personnels involved in the care and management of Thalassaemia. Programmes  include self management ,  monitoring and psychosocial aspects.Such camps  bring together patients, families and well-wishers to exchange ideas and information. Counselling sessions are conducted by guest speakers to patients, families and carriers.  


  1. Education and Updating

The Society collaborates with the Paediatric,Haemotology units of Penang General Hospital , Seberang Jaya Hospital , other Thalassaemia societies of Malaysia to organize workshops and conferences. Experts in the field of Thalassaemia are invited as guest speakers local or from abroad. Society also sponsors our local doctors , patients and paramedical staff to international conferences to keep abreast with  the latest development and advances in  the management of Thalassaemics. Society also disseminaterelevant medical and non medical info to members, interested parties through our own newsletter ( THALWATCH ), videos, booklets and pamphlets.

Through these programs , we hope to  educate the public on the management of problems of Thalassaemia.


  1. Day-Care Centres at Penang and Seberang Jaya Government Hospitals

The Society helps to furnish the daycare centers  with  TVs , sofas ,etc so that the  Thalassaemics can have their blood transfusion  in a comfortable environment on an outpatient basis.


  1. Fund Raising

Society  raises, by any legal means, the funds required for the above activities. We welcome donations of old newspapers, magazines, clothings which can be sold for recycling. This is one of our source of sustained income. Collection Centre at Society office or tel 04- 2272133  ( office hours only, closed Sat and Sun).  

The Society is fully dependent on public donations for financing its many activities and  treatment subsidies. All cash donations to the Society are tax-exempted.